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Cassandra’s Field Guide to Ghostly Encounters

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Halloween Encounters: The Haunted Cornfield

Washington, DC Access. New York: Access Press, Weird U. The Cambridge History of American Theatre. New York: Cambridge University Press, Murder on the Potomac. Henry Adams and the Making of America. Then my baby was delivered. I asked my husband if he could smell the perfume. No one in the room had perfume or smellies on.

What was it?? Your babies are in spirit doing very well and keeping an eye out for you, watching over your child and being a supportive team. As for what happened to you during labor, in that moment when you just needed a little added boost, someone in spirit, someone who loves you very much someone associated with flowers?

I pray all is going well for all of you! Blessings to you and yours. Yesterday night i was in ny bed. I never seek out these entities yet, about 5 weeks ago something began seeking me out at my home, a modular homeI had built and set for me 18 years ago. It started when I fell asleep in my den and woke when something jumped up onto my recliner.

It felt as if a small cat or dog was walking up and down the length of my body. I peered slowly down my side thinking, how in the hack did this pet get in the house? Guess what?

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Nothing was there, in the bed, in the room, in the house, for that matter. I have since learned there are maybe three, they seem to follow me room to room and apparently, they live in the closet in my den.


No harm so far but, where did they come from? How did they get here and what do they want..

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Animals certainly have souls and thus can stick around spiritually in the physical world. They trust you.

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These might be pets from a previous life of yours! Love is forever! I have always been like this from my childhood.