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And, while that has been very true for some occupations, technology has, in fact, opened the door to new specialties in the graphic design field and has made many schools and industry professionals look at the field in a whole new light. Those schools and programs that have made the decision to change with the changing times have been rewarded with grant funding, waitlists for enrollment and students well prepared for a challenging career in design, both print and multimedia.

At the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center in Brecksville, Ohio, high school students get a leg up on the communications design field when they enroll in the center's Digital Design Program. This program, which was named an exemplary program by the National Dissemination Center for Career and Technical Education NDC-CTE for , is a two-year program that provides real-world experience to high school juniors and seniors.

The program is grouped under the interactive media section of the center's information technology cluster, which also includes networking, programming and systems administration. The participants spend three hours a day, five days a week at the center, working to complete the 1, hours necessary to graduate. Melissa Rock, instructor with the Digital Design Program and a designer herself, notes that this program has been in existence for more than two decades; however, it is only recently that the program changed its name from "commercial arts" to "digital design.

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This is why she spends almost one whole semester on fine art, and why her classroom is set up with as many drafting tables as computers. A story of listening, of souls and bodies, that is at once both profoundly wild and wildly profound. Buy this book, bubeleh! It will surprise you in ways large and small, and it will fill you with delight.

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The Adults. Caroline Hulse. Those Who Knew. Good on Paper is her second novel. Cantor is unafraid of asking big questions explicitly, like whether fidelity — to texts or to people — is possible.

But what remains most powerful about this book is not the zaniness or the punning. With Good on Paper, Cantor does the same, and with just as much dexterity. It is a vivacious, potent blend of the touching and the erudite, the garrulous and thoughtful, the playful and the tender.

Rachel Cantor is a writer to watch.

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