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Both were defined by the role they were here to play and their issue was to be true to that role and be of service to all humanity.

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They were not defined by males or their relationship with a male. That seemed to make sense to me and it still does. I should not be defined by my relationship to a male and he should not be defined by a relationship with me. We each have our own identities and we can share those identities as we share lives. Imbalances in relationships occur when we look to another for our identity.

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Resentment will always ensue. As a child, I always wondered why Wonder Woman and Sheena were so scantily clothed, especially Sheena. In Arkansas, we had a lot of ticks and chiggers and snakes!

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  3. First, I wanted to know: who are their role models/icons?!
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She was friends with snakes like my mother so I understood this in her and, as with my mother I did not share this affinity! And, with the ticks and chiggers, it seemed to me that she might have been a little better off with more clothes on! It never occurred to me that their not wearing many clothes was sexist and to make them more attractive to men or possibly their male creators.

And, I did notice that most of the men super heroes wore clothes except Robin maybe who was a kid. I never identified with him. He was an auxiliary!

Anyway, I loved these two women. They could take on anyone or anything for the good of humanity.

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I thought everyone should be willing to do that. I am very grateful to have had a relationship with these two women as a child.

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And, I can see what they contributed to who I am as a woman today. Skip to content These two women played a significant role in my young life.

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  • They were not selfish. She suffered severe sunburns, a skin infection and a broken leg.

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    At the news conference, Eller said she broke her leg after falling down a foot hillside. And she was barefoot after her sneakers were washed away by what she described as a flash flood. Eller expects to be using crutches for at least the next couple of weeks, and she said she hopes to get back to treating her physical therapy patients as soon as she is healed. She was released from the hospital over the weekend and attended a party — in a wheelchair — on Monday night.

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    Her family hosted the event to thank everyone for their help in bringing her home. Rescuers pose with Amanda Eller after finding her alive in the Maui mountains, more than two weeks after she was last seen. Image: Javier Cantellops. Amanda Eller speaks at news conference LIVE: Amanda Eller, the woman lost in a Maui forest for 17 days, is speaking at a news conference this morning about her incredible survival story. She was airlifted to safety and taken to the hospital, where she was reunited with her family. Copyright Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.